The BHEL Culture

Walking down its long hallways, sitting in its conference, or brainstorming on a project, there is an ever-present energy – a belief amongst employees that they can have real impact on society and in the market. BHEL recruits leading talent from the premier academic, public, and industrial programs. Experts in their chosen discipline, they come to BHEL to tackle some of the more difficult and complex challenges within the communications and information networking industry. In doing so, they often advance and sometimes even define new fields of knowledge. Members of the Technical Staff (MTS) are coached by managers whose own technical competences are widely acknowledged by colleagues and peers in their respective fields. Technical managers are deeply committed to guiding MTS to explore new and promising avenues of research with the greatest potential for realizing market impact. Since its inception, a culture has taken hold within BHEL that values and expects excellence, and eschews mediocrity. A congenial atmosphere of mutual respect allows researchers to comfortably challenge each other when they believe that a proposal lacks merit or is based on questionable science. At BHEL, professional attitude and efficiency of work effort is what one believes in. The organization maintains a judicious balance between the interests of its clients & employees and that of its own. BHEL exceeds everyone’s expectations through its efficiency driven processes and teams of committed professionals. Integrity forms the heart of the organization and is upheld under all circumstances. It maintains high standards in all its endeavours and undertakings to ensure a world class service to all its clients. Employees at BHEL are motivated to work as a team and guide one another, whenever and wherever the need exists.

It is a culture in which peer respect generally exceeds all other forms of acknowledgement, and why designations recognizing that respect, such as becoming a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff or a Bell Labs Fellow – are so highly valued.Few other images better represent that culture than the animated conversation around the cafeteria table – long after meals have been consumed. Rather than being left to chance, these exchanges are encouraged in subtle and not so subtle ways – including by the layout of labs and work areas, IT collaboration platforms, forums and symposia, and inter-departmental meetings.Enthusiasm, high energy levels and the drive to keep moving ahead are the key factors of success at BHEL. Employees here, are always beaming with positive energy to do something new and innovative. BHEL provides the right environment for professional and personal growth of its employees. The diversity of technology and knowledge along with a pioneering mindset and mind-boggling array of opportunities are some of the key intrinsic elements behind our success as a rewarding employer.

Our work culture encourages transparent channels of communication, open work environment, teamwork, and respect for new ideas and thoughts. New inductees are always encouraged to voice their ideas by their seniors. Peers facilitate the strength through their undying support and encouragement. BHEL is the place where there is an occasion to celebrate every single day. Employees are treated like family members and it is made sure that support is extended to all those who require it.